A sci-fi story-driven survival game about Man on Mars.
I joined the development of this game after the mechanics prototyping phase was finished. I sketched out and prototyped the locations in Unity, made documentation for concept artists, modellers and developers. My tasks also included UI prototyping and gameplay balancing. 
The game drew inspiration from old sci-fi classics of literature and film, as well as modern movies and games.
Unfortunately, the project was closed by the company due to unexpected financial issues.



Sept 2016 - Jan 2017



Unity3D, Photoshop

My activities

  • Project documentation

  • In-engine gameplay building and tweaking

  • Level design (graybox)

  • UI prototyping

  • Locations, story and tutorials writing

  • Localization

  • Balance (items, interactive objects)


  • Designed 4 in-game locations

(~40-45 min. of gameplay)

  • Built an alpha core gameplay version (under NDA, can be sent upon request)

Project groups

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Game Trailer

(core mechanics)

UI Prototyping
Other in-game screenshots
Location graybox prototyping
Location creation
From sketches to in-game implementation.

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