Experience and Skills

  • 5+ yrs. in game design roles.

  • Ability to create and polish gameplay experiences and tutorials according to user playtests and feedback.

  • 7+ yrs. of experience in Enterprise Software Development. Worked as a linguist and business/product analyst on different projects in spheres of machine translation, localization, text analysis and information security.

  • Experience with various development methodologies (Agile - Scrum, Kanban; Waterfall, Incremental).

  • Ability to quickly learn new tools.

  • Fluent English.

  • Education: Moscow State Linguistic University (Applied and experimental Linguistics, English and German languages).


Primary skills:

  • Team Lead

  • Project Management

  • Game Design - documentation and prototyping

  • Gameplay Balance and Tweaking

  • Level design

Secondary skills:

  • Level Lighting

  • UI Prototyping

  • Analytics

  • Major game engines - Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4 (prototyping, level greyboxing, Blueprints, gameplay flow).

  • Custom game engines - Construct2, eAdventure, mod-making tools.

  • Scripting visual novel tools - Twine, Inky Inkle.

  • Interface prototyping tools - Balsamiq Mockups, FigmaAdobe Photoshop, POP.

  • Proficient with version control systems - Git, SVN, Perforce, Plastic.

  • Process modelling tools - Aris Express, Microsoft Visio.

  • Presentations and video editing - Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Premiere.





Email - sue.orlova@gmail.com

Telegram: @DarksideElf

Discord: @asya.orlova#5778

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