Current projects

Koenigsberg TimeTravel VR
A VR sightseeing tour around the center of 1930-s Koenigsberg.
A short historical interactive experience, recreating a 15-minute tram ride through the city.
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A VR Game for Oculus Quest
An arena brawler for Oculus Quest platform.
A new PVP shooter
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Soviet Experiment
A multiplayer freeroam VR shooter at District Zero VR park.
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Slinger Simulator
Crossplatform multiplayer VR-training project — concrete structures loading and unloading simulator with different roles.
A VR Simulator for business
A VR Training Simulator for a large oil and gas company.
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In my backyard
A short interactive experience
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A puzzler game
A grid-based puzzle game
An action-adventure game
A road-trip action adventure
(pre-production and prototype).
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Sayri Adventure
A family friendly exploration-puzzle game
(ongoing development).
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Lonely Turret
A single-player Portal 2 level.
About Time
A first-person sci-fi exploreACTION game.
(suspended after prototype phase).
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A sci-fi survival game about Man on Mars
(suspended on alpha phase).
The Lady or the Tiger?
A short point-and-click quest with logical puzzles.
(a released game).
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